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5-12 year olds          13 lessons

This curriculum includes lesson plans that can stand alone, ideal for summer sessions when gatherings are smaller or for Sundays when teachers are given a holiday. There is a description of each as a "selling point" to attract volunteers and complete list of all the materials needed. Embedded in the lesson plans are rituals to be repeated each Sunday; the Sharing Circle is described and "Magic Penny" is the suggested song. Lessons are based on The Big Brag, The Butter Battle Book, Horton Hears a Who, I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today, If I Ran the Zoo, The King's Stilts, The Lorax, Oh, The Thinks You Can Think, On Beyond Zebra, Hunches in Bunches, McElliogot's Pool, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, and Horton Hatches the Egg. These all need to be purchased or borrowed. Videos are also available for most of the stories.

WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN: A curriculum supplement

30 lessons

Developed with the permission of the original authors, this supplement enhances the work of Charlene Brotman, Rev. Barbara Marshman, and Rev. Ann Fields. Supplement includes 25 fully developed lesson plans beginning with a chalice lighting, going into integration and discussion, a craft and closing words. There are also 5 additional lessons that serve for community building, two of which are to be taught in the fall and the remaining three interspersed throughout the year.

This cannot be used without the original curriculum Why Do Bad Things Happen?, a classic and still very apropos to our Unitarian Universalist mission


Dr. Seuss. UU Style$50 Order from: Cathy Cartwright-Chow
First Unitarian Church
1034 SW 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97203
503 228-6389 x14
Why Do Bad Things Happen:$50
a curriculum supplement