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Karen Hager
607 Lucas Dr.
Blacksburg, VA. 24060
Karen Hager has held the position of Director of Lifespan Faith Development for the past five years. She currently serves Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Blacksburg, VA., a program with 125 children and youth. Karen believes the first step in religious education is getting the participants to attend!

Karen is a longtime UU, and has a marketing background. She also previously wrote a freelance gardening column for The Roanoke Times.
Harry and UU D'oh, God Principled Music The Fifth Dimension

D/Oh, God!16 sessions. Uses episodes of ""The Simpsons"" for in depth discussions of a wide variety of religious topics. After viewing an episode, the class engages in activities to encourage deep contemplation of religious issues. Includes links to PowerPoint presentations for use in class. Gr.6-8$55 digital $80 print.
Harry and UU32 Sessions. Social action based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The class forms Dumbledore's Army and fights seven real-world Horcruxes, such as Illiteracy, Hunger, Poverty, Animal Cruelty and more! Achieve tangible results on real problems facing the world.Gr.4-5$100 digital $135 print.
Principled MusicUses popular music from the 1960s through the present a wide variety of social justice topics. After listening to selected songs on a topic, the class uses the lyrics of the songs as a launching point. Students are encouraged to bring their own examples of songs on the social justice topic under discussion. These songs are compiled into a U.U. Playlist, that can shared with all students at the end of the year. Appropriate for RE classes or youth groups. Includes links to Power Point presentation.Gr.9-12$55 digital $80 print
The Fifth Dimension15 sessions. Uses episodes of the television series ""Twilight Zone"" (1959-1964) to present in-depth discussions of a wide variety of topics. After viewing an episode, the class engages in activities to encourage deep contemplation of issues of social justice. Includes links to Power Point presentations for use in sessions. Creator, Rod Serling, is a UU.Gr.6-8$55 digital $80 print.

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