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Kate Tweedie Covey
Kate Tweedie Covey has been a Director of Religious Education since 1984. She has served a large RE Program, with over 350 children and teens. She currently serves the UU Fellowship, Lafayette, CO, a program with 180 children and teens.

Kate is a lifelong UU. She is a leader for several UU Modules of the UUA Renaissance Program as well as an adjunct faculty for ILIFF Theological Seminary.
Kate Tweedie Covey
Chalice Camp GuideWinter 3-day camp celebrating the unofficial UU holiday, Chalica!K-Gr.5$120, $80 CD
Chalice Children (2014)Provides experiences around the strength of community, the wonder and awe that transcend everyday understanding, and life issues we share. Engage in spiritual seeking, develop openness to sharing, experience the benefit of a supportive community and set a pattern for life with lasting benefits.Chalice Children features: 36 sessions and five alternate sessions, simple UU rhymes and fingerplays, introduction to the sharing circle. [First edition: 1998, Tapestry/UUA 2014)2-5yrsFree
Full CircleFifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong Uus. Common threads that lifelong UUs identified as critical in their commitment to their faith. Interviews from 82 men and women from ages 25 to 87 who were raised as UUs. UUA.Adult$14
Mission ManifestoA Multi-Age Trip for Every Congregation. A ""how to"" guide including fundraisers, challenges and benefits. Multiweb
Picture Book Bible Tales16 Stories. Teachable moments that introduce classic Bible tales. Books are recommended, not icluded.K-Gr 2$60
Picture Book UU IdentityUU Identity for Primary Grades. 36 sessions, based on best picture books for teaching children about UUism.K-Gr 2$120
Picture Book World Religions15 sessions. Based on picture books that tell stories from Hundi, Islamic and Buddhist faith traditions. Sample lessons as well as overview on her web site. Picture books not included.K-Gr2$60
Spirit of Adventure35 sessions, grouped under the topics of Sports, Medicine, Food, Science, Building, Exploring, Web of Life, various Holidays. Creative activities, and focus on UUs.Gr 2-5$120
SpiritJamMulti-age Jams for mind, body and spirit with staff teachers. An experimental model. Paid Lead Teachers offer TinkerJams, NatureJams, MusicJams, and BodyJams around a theme (Soul Matters Sharing Circles) for the month such as Justice, Unity, or Compassion.Multi
Toolbox of Faith16 sessions. Children develop a toolbox of faith.1: Faith, 2: Questioning, 3: Integrity, 4: Flexibility, 5: Reflection, 6: Expression, 7: Democratic Process, 8: Power, 9: Spirit Of Life, 10: Courage And Conviction, 11: Listening, 12: Humor, 13: Love, 14: Justice, 15: Atonement, 16: Resiliency Tapestry of FaithGr 4-5web UUA
Traditions With a Wink44 sessions. Over 250 pages of activities, teacher information, coming of age celebration. Draws from UU Kids Book by Charlene Brotman.4-6yrs$50
World Religions Summer Day Camp GuideGuide based on 12 years of U.U. Day Camps. Provides a blueprint for creating a powerful "immersion" experience for campers, and a strong leadership development opportunity for youth. Flexible for groups of 15 to 50+ campers.. Create revenue from Camp tuition. Includes 24 Resources in the Appendix5-11yrs$80

Additional Resources
Offers Webinars on various Religious Education topics. Check her website for details.

E-mail/REACH September 18, 2014 September 2014. I'm working on a new model for RE and would like your comments. Here's the deal -
I'm calling it SpiritJam and I've received one of the 21st Century Grants from LREDA to help with the experiment. Essentially it means paid teachers and a monthly, multi-age theme. There are parallels to Workshop Rotation.
Fun! Katie

Additional Links
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World Religions Summer Camp Guide <http://www.uure.com/daycamp.html>
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Picture Book U.U. <http://www.uure.com/PBUU.html>
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Mission Manifesto <http://www.uure.com/Missiontrip.html>
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