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The UU Women and Religion Movement is alive and well in the 21st Century. A grassroots project started by lay leaders in the 1970s as an effort to promote examination of religious roots of sexism and patriarchy within the UUA, UU Women and Religion officially began as a task force following the unanimously-passed UU Women and Religion RESOLUTION at the 1977 UUA General Assembly. Although the Task Force was eventually sunsetted, the movement still exists in UU Districts that hold Women & Religion programs and woman-focused gatherings. It exists at General Assembly, where UUW&R has an annual gathering and a booth in the display area. And it lives in the hearts and lives of women and men who have been touched by the many changes inspired by this movement. "We do not want a piece of the pie. It is still a patriarchal pie. We want to change the recipe!" -- Rosemary Matson
Becoming Women of Wisdom13 sessions, 2hrs each. Marking the Passage into the Crone Years. Explores transition through life and into the crone years; encourages sharing and claiming inner wisdoms; empowers women to share wisdom and live their ideals. CDAdult$40
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: Vol I: In Ancient Times6 Session. The Sacred Female, In the Name of the Mother and the Daughter, Womanpower, The First Turning-From Goddess to God, and Reclaiming Women's Heritage of Peace."" Supplementary essays, a listing of highly recommended materials, and the sheet music of songs by Carole Eagleheart and Ann Forfreedom. Includes a CD-ROM with five Visual Programs to accompany the sessions, plus resource material for easy distribution to participants. (Revision of 1986 curriculum) Adult, youth$40
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: Vol. II: On the Threshold5 sessions. Women of ancient Judaism and in early Christianity, the global silencing and brutalization of women with the rise of patriarchal religion and society, and the new world-view and thealogy in our time, and the personal and social changes that may be suggested by that new world-view and thealogy.Adult, youth$40
Goddess Gatherings13 sessions for a year of study in a circle of friends.Adults$10
Meetings At the Moon6 sessions. Opportunity for mothers and daughters to hear and tell sacred stories, create sacred artifacts, sing and dance together and to share a new relatedness based on our developing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.Fourth Printing in 2005 with updated resourcesGirls, mothers$10
Rise Up and Call Her NameA Woman-honoring Global Earth-based Spiritualities. Eplores sacred narratives of the cross cultural female divine. This re-release of the original content, more flexible. . (First published by UUWF in 1995)Adult, Youth$100
Unraveling the Gender Knot7 sessions, 2hrs.each. Gender, religion, feminism, economics, invisibility and denial, and how to challenge the patriarchal system. 100-page detailed course guide, and two documentary films: "Who's Counting?" Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics (National Film Board of Canada, 1995) and "The Gods of Our Fathers" (Green Lion Productions, 1994). The reference book is The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy by Allen G. Johnson, Phila: Temple University Press, 1997)Adult, youth$30

Becoming Women of Wisdom Melody Lee

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven Shirley Ranck
Vol. I: In Ancient Times
Vol. II: On the Threshold


Goddess Gatherings Melinda Morris Perrin
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NEW Meetings at the Moon Joanne Giannino

Rise Up and Call Her Name Liz Fisher

Unraveling the Gender Knot Barbara Schonborn

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