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Denise Tracy
535 Arlington Ave.
Elgin, IL 60120
Denise D. Tracy was ordained in 1974. As part of her first ministry in the Parish in Greater Lansing, Michigan, she developed stories to cross the generations and to include children in worship. This was not a usual part of worship for Unitarian Universalists at the time. Her stories became popular for congregations and RE programs that wanted to have intergenerational worship and make the worship experience child friendly. Her stories are about famous Unitarian Universalists and are created especially for the story age (second-eighth grade).
Denise Tracy
Stream of Living Souls I36 Stories for Home and Worship. Weaving of fact and fiction to capture the essence of Unitarians and Universalist (and like-minded people). Delphi Resources.Gr.2-8$17
Stream of Living Souls IIEnglish Unitarians and other International Liberal Folks. 30 Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). DelphiGr.2-8$17
Stream of Living Souls III: Living in the Wind30 Stories for Home and Worship. Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). Delphi. Living in the Wind, stories for Home and WorshipGr.2-8$17
Stream of Living Souls IV20 Universalist Voices. Stories of people who portrayed UU values (not all are Uus). DelphiGr.2-8$17

Content of Each Volume

Volume I Thirty-six Stories for Home and Worship
Adams and Jefferson
Jane Addams
Susan B. Anthony
Clara Barton
Antoinette Brown
Lydia Maria Child
Mary Collson
Prudence Crandall
Dorothea Lynde Dix
Five Kernels of Corn
Charles Follen
Daniel Chester French
Margaret Fuller
Goddess Story
Hawaiian Myth
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Helen Hunt Jackson
Thomas Starr King
Lewis McGee
Maria Mitchell
Lucretia Mott
Theodore Parker
Kenneth Patton
James Pierpont
Joseph Priestly
James Rasnake
Paul Rogeson
Margaret Sanger
Clinton Lee Scott
Edmund Hamilton Sears
Shaker Story
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
T’ai Chi
Henry Davit Thoreau
Frances Willard
Volume II English Unitarians and Other International Liberal Folks
Emily Green Balch
Margaret Barr
Thomas Belsham
Bishop Norbert Capek
Mary Carpenter
Josephine Cochran
Robert Collyer
Mary Dendy
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fanny Farmer
John Fielding
Sylvia and Elizabeth Freeman
John Haynes Holmes
Julia Ward Howe
Thomas Jefferson
Lewis Latimer
Theophilus Lindsey
Mary Livermore
Angus MacLean
Beatrix Potter
John Pounds
Irma Rombauer
Dr. Southwood Smith
Caroline Soule
Howard Thurman
Eliza Tupper Wilkes
Anni B Willis
Gwendolyn Willis
Frank Lloyd Wright
Whitney Young
Volume III Living in the Wind
James and Eliza Bailey
Hosea Ballou (2)
Frederick A. Bisbee
Florence Buck
John Calhoun
Augusta Jane Chapin
Caroline Bartlett Crane
Charles Dickens
William Greenleaf Eliot
Sophia Lyon Fahs
Frances Dana Gage
Oscar Hammerstein II
Phebe Hanaford
Jenkin Lloyd Jones
Effie McCollum Jones
Fanny Kemble
Horace Mann
Amos Alonzo Miner
Marion Murdoch
Arthur Nash
Walter O’Brien
Elizabeth Peabody
George Landor Perin
Captain Edward Philliips
James Reeb
John M. Scott
Lucy Stone
Emily Jennings Stowe
Fred Urquhart
Volume IV Twenty Universalist Voices
Adin Ballou
Hosea Ballou
P T Barnum
Clara Barton
Lucinda White Brown
Olympia Brown
Mary Grace Canfield
Alice Cary
Phoebe Cary
Sylvanus Cobb
Robert Collyer
Maria Cook
Frances Dana Gage
Horace Greeley
Joseph Fletcher Jordan
John Murray
Judith Sargent Murray
Rev Rasnake
Benjamin Rush
Annie B Willis

Ordering Information
Each of these volumes may be ordered by contacting Denise Tracy directly.

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