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Cathy Cartwright-Chow
First Unitarian Church
1034 SW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97203
 503-228-5389 x 14
Cathy Cartwright-Chow, CRE. Cathy Cartwright-Chow currently serves as Director for Children's Programs at First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon. She comes from a background in community organizing: As a young adult in the '70s, she worked alongside other activists in Dayton Ohio, doing the good work of consciousness-raising around human rights issues, such as South African apartait and discrimination against working women. Her undergrad was in graphic arts and she went on to work for commercial establishments as well as non-profit organizations developing communication standards.

Both of these paths brought her to the Unitarian Universalist church in Princeton New Jersey in 1990, where she was approached to be the interim coordinator for religious education. Since her vocational calling, Cathy has trained extensively, through multi-denominational work (in ministering to families), to conflict management, to childhood development and more. She has served as a consultant with the Pacific Northwest District and a curriculum writer for the Unitarian Universalist Association. In 2007 Cathy was awarded Credentialed Religious Educator.
Cathy Cartwright-Chow
Dr. Seuss, UU Style13 sessions. Stories not included. Videos are also available for most of the stories Packet includes The Church Where People Laugh by Gwen Foss and Cat's Cradle by Camilla Gryski.5-12 yrs.$50
Why Do Bad Things Happen? Supplement30 sessions. Based on original curriculum by Charlene Brotman, Barbara Marshman, and Ann Fields. Life/death issues in world religions. Original curriculum is needed.Gr5-12$45

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