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Rick/Tirrell Kimball
Green Timber Publication
PO Box 3884, Portland, ME 04104
Tirrell and Rick Kimball have developed Unitarian Universalist curriculum for over 20 years. Tirrell was Director of Religious Education at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church for 26 years, designated Director of Religious Education Emerita in June 2010. She received the UUA's Angus McLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education in 2003.

Rick has worked as a journalist, as the editor-in-chief of a publisher producing supplemental materials for public and private schools, and as a freelance writer, editor and photographer. He has authored children's books, books about creativity, and local history, as well as Our Whole Lives: Sexuality Education for Adults.

Tirrell and Rick have together led creativity workshops for various churches and groups, and have also been leaders for About Your Sexuality and Our Whole Lives- 7-9. They have written curricula for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, in Manhasset, New York.

Green Timber Publications

Celebrating Rainforests10 sessions. Experiential program to learn more about and celebrate rainforests. Stories, songs, discussions, meditations, rainforest tasting party, social justice project, making T-shirts. Works well in all size programs. 150 pages. Samples available by e-mail.5yrs-Gr. 8$40
Dear U-eyAdvice column for youth in categories of: Uuism, Self, Tough Stuff, Family, Relationships, In/depence, School, Spirituality, Social Justice, and Tomorrow. Youth playing U-ey and engaging group in responses to 100 different requests. 220 pages, many reproducable. Samples available by e-mail.Gr. 9-12$50
sUUper Plays50 plays about Unitarianism and life with 3-14 actors and take 2-12 minutes to perform. Play groupings include: Unitarian Universalism, the UU Principles, Belief, Knowing Oneself, Right and Wrong, Families and Friends, Helping, and Special Times and Holidays. About 400 pages.All ages$90
sUUper Plays 250 plays 3-14 actors, 2-12 minutes to perform for Holidays and Special Days: Christmas Eve, Groundhog Day (Welcoming Congregation), Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Earth Day, Foower Communion. About 400 pagesAll ages$90
The New You the Creator57 sessions, 75 min.each. Activity-based program of creative empowerment: role plays; continuums; making gods, goddess or goddits; drawing, sculpting; and designing perfect people. Theme of Spiritually touches every session. 500 pages, many reproducable. Samples available by e-mail.Gr. 5-12$95
whUU i am: the book of ____ismLeads youth through examination and expansion of their own ism, their own personal philosophy. For individual or group use, in or outside of Coming of Age programs. Great for the Sunday morning soccer kids who can't be with you every week. With CD for easy and complete reproduction. 32-page, fully reproducible booklet of self-exploration and belief-development.Gr.7 up$40
You the Creator of Justice8 sessions, 75min.each. Three strands for working on justice: joining congregational effort, child and youth justice, creative activities. Various levels of justice work, and numerous causes.Gr. 5-12
You the Creator of Justice8 sessions, 75min.each. Three strands for working on justice: joining congregational effort, child and youth justice, creative activities. Various levels of justice work, and numerous causes.Gr5-12$40
You the Digital Creator
The digital revolution brings new creative power that youth use to shape their future lives. This program helps them understand and apply their new power in positive ways.Gr. 6-9Hard copy and CD $40

Green Timber Shelter Rock Curriculum Series

A Discovery Year25 sessions, 75 min. each. Spiritual and religious growth, exploring self, friendships, families, church, nature, religious and cultural days, rituals, being part of a UU community. 222 pages, some reproducible.K-Gr. 1$90
Bibleodeon20 sessions, 90min. Introduces Hebrew and Christian scripture with stories. Includes playlets, timeline, doodle books and present awares to outstanding biblical women and more. Explore connections between worlds of Bible and today. 370 pages, some reproducible.Gr. 5-8$90
Free To Believe24 sessions, 75 min. each. Considers principles and sources while nurturing social and spiritual life of children. Explores values, and questions of God, death, and creation of life. 236 pages, many reproducible.Gr. 2-3$70
Sheltering Spirit HandbookTraces the faith development of children, offers notes on classroom atmosphere, contains a rich collection of chalice lighting words and other spiritual elements organized by grade level. 88 pages. Supports Sheltering Spirit curricula
The Questing Year24 sessions, 75 min.each. Focuses on quests: Inner, Mystery, UU and Action. Music and meditation, visiting spiritual places, walkabout, altars and webs. Introduces outstanding Uus. 298 pages, about half reproducable.Samples available by e-mail.Gr. 6-8

Other Green Timber Books by Richard Kimball

A Christmas WrinkleA 10 year old boy tries to reconcile Christmas magic with suffering he sees from a bag lady in his family's backyard.10 yrs.$5
A Funny FeelingPoems and drawings to explore feelings in a funny way. (William Reed, Illustrator)11yrs.-adult$8
The Winds of CreativitySpiritual winds of creativity, lyrical melding of divine and practical, personal and the cosmic. A new beginning, deep and convincing sense of your own creative powers.Adults$16

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